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WRIGHT RESOLUTIONS LIMITED is an Agricultural Engineering Consultancy business providing the following areas of expertise to the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry and Farmers in the UK and worldwide.

  • Soil structure and cultivations advice for farmers and agronomists.
    • Identification of soil structure issues, where and how to cultivate, cultivations tools and their effects 
    • A specialist series of in-depth soil structure awareness courses are run in conjunction with CMI Limited- usually either one or two full days
  • Advice on the design and construction of agricultural machinery, with specific skills in:
    • Agricultural cultivation equipment
    • Agricultural crop establishment equipment
    • Land clearance and restoration equipment
    • Advice on CE marking, the production and maintenance of technical files in the Agricultural and general Machinery Manufacturing sector
  • 3D CAD design from concept to final product modelling including engineering drawings, specifications, bills of material, parts and owners manuals and technical files suitable for CE compliance.
    • Inventor Simulation software allows design concepts to be evaluated for working loads and forces and this data used for FE analysis before "cutting metal". This shortens development time and cost in many cases. This can help create more consistent designs without compromising overall strength.
  • All computer 3D modelling undertaken with Autodesk Inventor Professional software
  • Finite Element analysis of 3D CAD models, associated design enhancement.
  • All FEA modelling undertaken with Ansys 14.0 software
  • Advice on cultivations and crop establishment techniques in UK and Europe, with specific skills relating to:
    • Soil structure and machinery-related effects
    • Reducing costs of crop establishment
    • Optimising the establishment of biofuel crops (OSR, Maize, etc)
    • Upgrading and enhancing existing machinery and crop establishment techniques
    • Compliance with agricultural environmental codes of practice, appropriate cultivations and crop establishment techniques
  • Market investigation, recommendation of appropriate machinery development programmes for manufacturers and importers
  • Technical support to marketing; presentation preparation and delivery as required
  • Troubleshooting – investigating, and providing proposed solutions to problems encountered in the normal course of business when manufacturing or operating agricultural, or land development
  • Advice on manufacturing, sourcing materials and components from UK and overseas 

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