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This concept was originally designed in 2009, a patent has been applied for, and the tine is being marketed by Tillso Limited.


Slatted wing tine designed for low surface disturbance, leaving a level, fine finish suitable for OSR and other crops needing a fine finish. Working above its critical depth in a broad range of soil types, moisture contents and depths enables effective loosening and restructuring of the profile across the full width of the profile. The angle and lift height of the slat works effectively without the surface disturbance that a full plate wing would have. The twisted slat design imparts additional shearing to the soil as it passes over the wings which further assists the production of vertical fissures which facilitate root and water movement vertically through the profile.

Minimal surface disturbance - loosening after drilling and establishing OSR

The tine development has now generated a "family" of loosening products which both integrate together by common parts, and extend soil structuring to shallower levels and situations where ultra low surface disturbance needs to be combined with effective loosening at depth. Here, such factors as wing lift height, length and rake angle all play a part to achieving the optimum performance for a wide range of soil conditions - bulk density (compactness), moisture content, texture, etc.