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Current Projects for Tillso Ltd

Folding linkage mounted soil loosener to structure the soil with minimal surface disturbance having the facility to tow a rear flexible tyre roller. This provides a platform for small seed crop establishment with optimum subsurface and surface consolidation.

Seedbed Cultivator Design. Tillso Limited, Spring 2012

Project to design and detail a seedbed cultivation machine based on the recently developed Diamond Roller system. Initial prototype was a 6m machine made for a local Customer, first used for Spring seedbed preparation 2012. Comprises levelling boards, front tines with adjustable angle and depth, intermediate tines and two diamond roller rows to combine consolidation with levelling and clod breaking, plus variable loosening as required. Leaves a weatherproof, ridged finish ideally suited to a range of crops being established.

Simba DDLight600 rollers fitted to a Vaderstad Carrier 9.2m. The original bearings were retained, and rollers with scraper rails made to fit directly in place of the original cast roll ring axles.


A further development of the Tillso Rake and Roller has been to design a dedicated tyre for the roller. This has involved research into the dynamics of high speed rolling with tyres and has resulted in a tyre design which both consolidates at high speed and flexes in multiple directions for seed to soil surface contact and self-cleaning.

Roller design project: The design allows Cambridge or other rings (illustrated with the Simba Aqueel2 roll elements) to be used in a folding chassis with a range of working widths (4.8m - 9m), with all folding to under 3m for transport. They all have the option of a leading levelling board (hydraulically adjusted). Modelled in Inventor, the chassis loads and reactions were derived using Inventor Simulation for both folded and working situations. The key chassis elements (drawbar and centre frame illustrated) were checked for stress and deformation in ANSYS to ensure a cost-effective and durable design to meet the market requirements for performance and cost. Client:Profoods KFT, Hungary. 





Simba DD700 rollers attached to a Gregoire Besson Discordon. So far, 2 Discordon machines have been equipped with DD700 rollers with purpose designed bearing mountings and scraper rails to allow the axles to fit directly onto the roller frames.

Other machines equipped with DD rollers to date include a Cousins V-Form Subsoiler, a Sumo Subsoiler, McConnel Shakearators, and various power harrows and other machinery. Aqueel type rollers have been fitted to a number of machines including power harrows and 2 Structural Planters.






OSR establishment guide. Client: Simba Great Plains Ltd


Cereals Guide.
This booklet is the second in a series of Technical Guides prepared for Simba Great Plains.


Independent feedback from Grainfarmers resulting from the OSR establishment project undertaken for Simba Great Plains.

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Soil guide. Client: Simba Great Plains Ltd.